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How to start a WordPress Blog: No steps skipped

Hi Welcome to RandomBlog.Guru, a blog powered by WordPress. This is the first post of this blog so I thought there would be no other better post to start off the blog than showing how to setup your own money making blog using WordPress.

Step 1
You need to have a domain name and a server space to host your website. If you already have a domain and a server, skip to step 2.

A domain name is the url which defines your blog. Example of domain names are,, etc. In my case, the domain name is Choose a domain name which is easy to spell. Domain names which are short and catchy are easy for your audience to remember and they can come back to your blog easily.

Remember, once you start off your blog, you cannot change the domain name, Choose wisely.


How to get your own domain name?

You can get your own domain name for as low as $0.99 on websites (Domain Name Registrars) like GoDaddy,, etc
Select a suitable domain name for your blog and search the different extensions like .com, .in, .guru, .club, .cc etc. .com is the widely used extension while you can also use country specific extensions like .us(for US), .in(for India), UK), .au(for Australia) etc or some other common extensions like .net, .org, .info etc based on your requirement and satisfaction.
After you decide the domain name, go ahead and purchase the same. After you complete the payment, you get the ownership of that domain name which you can put to use. In our case, to make a blog.

Next step is to buy the hosting space for your domain to operate.

How to get your own server space (Hosting)?

A server, simply put, is a memory space just like your SD card or hard disk which stores the files and folders but which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection through a domain name. You can get the server space for free with limitations on certain websites like But they have limited features which may not suffice to you. I recommend you to buy a separate hosting space on providers like BlueHost, GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc.

If you don’t know which platform to select, just select Linux hosting. The hosting providers usually have a separate hosting plans for WordPress, you can buy that too but they are often costlier than the normal servers. I suggest you to buy the normal linux hosting plan. You can always upgrade or change the hosting plan, so start off with the basic, affordable plan. I recommend using BlueHost.

You can always upgrade or change the hosting plan, so start off with the basic, affordable plan.


The domain name and hosting space can be bought together with the same providers or separately with different providers. For example, you can buy the domain name on and hosting on If you bought the domain and hosting on different websites, just change the DNS address of your domain name to point to your domain name. Keep in mind that it takes 24-48 hours for DNS change to take effect, so don’t get worried if your domain is not showing up.

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