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Colour Changing RGB LED Strip Review

RGB LED Strip: If you are looking to buy an RGB LED Strip to put in your house, behind your desktop, or your CPU cabinet, etc., etc., then this review will help in knowing all its features and whether to buy it or not.

RGB LED strip photo

I bought the colour changing RGB LED strip from It was the first result for rgb led strip search and it was the best selling item in that category. The price was ₹  334 from seller ‘Lowprice’ and I bought it. The order got delivered in 4 days. Now, let us the actual product itself.


The packaging of the box as usual very good as it was fulfilled by amazon. The actual product was wrapped in plastic case and stapled with 2 pins on either side.
rgb led strip package

What all you get?

The package has 4 items in it. A power adapter, remote control, wireless adapter and the LED strip itself.
rgb led strip contents
The remote looks quite good and for the price of under ₹ 350, remote control was A+. The remote control came with preinstalled cell, make sure you remove the plastic sheet which blocks the connection between the cell and the remote. It has basic ON/OFF controls, colour selection buttons and light animation selection buttons.
rgb led strip remote
The wireless adapter was just a middle connection between the power adapter and the LED strip. It was simple and has 4 connecting ports which need to be connected properly looking at the -> arrow marks on both the ends.
rgb led strip
rgb led strip
rgb led strip
The LED Strip was packed in a circular ring wound around it. The length of the strip was mentioned as 5M in the amazon page.
rgb led strip

See LED Strip it in Action:

You can make the LEDs to show only single colour like Red, Green or Blue and also there is a white option which kind of looks white but actually a combination of all 3 colours. There are also many colour options available which you can see on the remote control.
You can also make the colours to change automatically with 4 pre defined animation sets available on the remote control (Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth).

RGB LED Strip on back of the TV:

I then pasted the LED Strip to the back of my home 50″ TV as it comes with preinstalled adhesive on the back which you can peel of the protective paper and paste it to wherever you want. The light effect was very good coming out of the back of the TV. People liked it very much as it enhances the viewing experience of a wall mounted LED TV. You can see the effect in the video below:


The major problem I had with this package was the power adapter broke in less than a minute after I connected it. You can see in the video below that the adapter makes a “TAPP” sound and breaks down. May be the piece I got was faulty. I had another spare power adapter which I used after this. I did not want to go through the refund, replacement etc. The power adapter that came with it was very cheap and bound to break soon. So, even if I get a replacement, I would get a same quality adapter so I just went went with the spare adapter I had.

Overall, the product was extremely satisfactory barring the power adapter for the price of ₹ 334. I can confidently recommend this product if you are looking for it.

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