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  • Darshan ji..

    I have het that page to register gst.. but at the end DSC makes a issue to submit. Its not active…

    How do I submit at last..

    Please scenario

  • i want to make a partnership firm and i need GSTIN how can i get.
    can i registered my 4 friends in udyog adhaar jointly or any option in udyog to register more than one person and then go for gst registration.

  • hey, its great information. i am a drop shipper. based in India. i buy from Malaysia and my manufacturer in malasiya directly ships products to my customer in the Australia.
    there is no one type of product even. many products i sell.

    so basically i dont need GST. but i need to do advertising through facebook which asks gst number.

    so if i change my country number in my business Facebook account then will it work ?

    or if no then how o register ? what product description i should give if they ask me a particular product ?

  • Mr, Darshan i have GSTIN number do i also need to register in udyog aadhar?
    Can i get some benefits if i will also get udyod aadhar number with GST number

  • Hii Darshan, I want to open a new recruitment consultancy were i am going to start from my home as a sole propertier. shal i also go for the same process!
    and what are all the documents required for this ?

    • If you are are registering as a Sole proprietorship, you have to enter your own PAN details. In case you have an already registered non-proprietorship firm, then you should enter the business’ PAN details.

    • Hi Anil, there is nothing as Sole proprietorship as a separate entity in itself. You are a sole proprietorship firm if you get any of the bank documents in your firm’s name. You don’t separate registration for Sole proprietorship.
      In this case, if you don’t have any registration, the GST registration itself is more than enough to call your firm a registered Sole Proprietorship firm.

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