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Amazon Script to Buy Nokia 6 August 23rd

Buy Nokia 6 Amazon script auto buy

How to Auto Buy Nokia 6 on on August 23rd?

We all know that Nokia is releasing it’s first phone in India after many years. No doubt many of you are willing to buy the Android powered Nokia devices. Coming August 23rd, Nokia is releasing it’s first set of Nokia 6 android mobiles among the planned Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 devices.

Nokia 6 is being sold as an Amazon exclusive only. Meaning, you can’t buy Nokia 6 from anywhere else other than But the catch is on August 23rd, it is going to be a flash sale. 

Flash sale, a trend started by Xiaomi in India, is notoriously known for quick out of stock problems. As expected, Nokia 6 is also going to be out of stock in 5-6 minutes max. So, you need a way to put it in to your cart as soon as possible.

In this post, I am going to tell you different ways to buy Nokia 6 on flash sale day. i.e., on August 23rd 2017.

What are the features of Nokia 6?

Before going to get the script for buying Nokia 6 automatically, let us first see the features of Nokia 6.
Nokia 6 is the premium device among Nokia 3, 5 and 6. Of course, it is the costliest too. Nokia 6 is retailing at Rs. 14,999 with free shipping from

PriceRs. 14,999
Display5.5 inch Full HD
Camera16 MP Rear PDAF
8 MP Front AF
Battery3000 mAh
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 430
Storage32 GB
External StorageYes, SD Card upto 128GB
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1.1
AudioDual Speakers with Dolby Atmos
USB CNo, Micro USB
Metallic BuildYes with Gorilla Glass

Launch Day Offers

As a goodwill gesture, Nokia and are providing a bunch of cool features for those purchase the Nokia 6. 

Rs. 1000 Cash back

For prime customers who use Amazon pay balance to buy the Nokia 6, they are going to receive a sweet cash back of Rs. 1000 in their amazon pay balance. Meaning, the effective price of the Nokia  is going to be Rs. 13,999 only.

80% off on Kindle e-books

All customers who sign in to the amazon kindle app using Nokia 6, will get an 80% off of any books which costs up to Rs.300. Simply put, if you buy an e-book worth Rs.300 on kindle app through your Nokia 6, you are going to get a discount of Rs.240 or the effective price is going to be only 60. 

Rs. 2,500 off on MMT

Make My Trip is also offering a combined Rs. 2,500 discount on Hotels and Flights. That is Rs. 1800 on Hotels and Rs. 700 on Flights. The terms and conditions are still unclear however, it’s going to be handy when you plan your never happening visit to Goa. 😛 

Free Data of 45 GB

Vodafone is also giving fantastic offer of 45 GB data for 5 months on its network. 

Altogether, you are getting a total of about Rs. 3,740 + 45 GB of data with your Nokia 6.

How to buy in flash sale?(IMPORTANT)

Now, we come to the main topic of this post, how do we buy the Nokia 6 in flash sale with 100% guarantee?
Before going to the tricks of buying in flash sale, first visit the Nokia 6 sale page on and register now by signing in to your account by clicking the register now button. Only registered buyers are eligible to buy the phone on August 23rd. So, DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP.

Method 1. Chrome Extension from buyhatke

Install this chrome extension from buyhatke in your chrome browser.
autobuy Chrome Extension from buyhatke

After installing the extension, click on the extension and click on More Options button.

Then, click on Mi Flash Sale button at the left sidebar and enable the Nokia 6 Option as shown below.

After you have selected Nokia 6, go to on your chrome browser and login and save all your billing address, delivery address, default payment mode etc., and save them. As given by buyhatke, the extension would open a window 10 minutes prior to the sale and put the Nokia 6 into your cart. Remember, do not sign out of or disable the extension or quit the chrome at least 10 minutes before the sale starts. Also, do not close the window which would be opened by the extension and do not open other tabs in that window.

Method 2. Chrome Extension from Ashutosh Goyal

This is another chrome extension from Ashutosh Goyal which basically is similar to the one by buyhatke. Install this extension. 

After the installation is completed, click on the extension and you will be greeted with a message as follows:
Click Yes to opt-in and then, select either Add to my cart or checkout option. I would prefer you to select Add to my cart, “I’ll checkout myself” since you have to provide your amazon password for auto checkout option which is not recommended. 
After you save it, you will see a message ‘You have registered successfully, be ready with your laptop at the time of sale’. 

The steps mentioned on the listing page of the extension are as follows:

Follow this steps to Buy Amazon Flash Sale Products
1. Install Amazon flash sale script for autobuy Chrome Extension
2. Then simply click on extension icon, it will take you to new tab
3. From there you can choose auto-buy option of any mobile
4. Now visit the sale page, there you will find one pop-up
5. You are all set at the sale time our extension will add the product to cart.
6. Use this extension to buy any type of Flash sale mobiles.

Method 3. Run the script manually

  1. Visit the sale page 10 minutes before the sale starts.
  2. Select the variant which you want to buy.
  3. On the sale listing page, right click anywhere on the tab and select ‘Inspect Element’ or type Ctrl + Shift + C OR F12 key on your windows key.
  4. Now click on “Console” tab on Inspect Element Window.
  5. Paste the below Code in the window and Press Enter on Keyboard
setInterval(function() { $(‘.jbv-buy-big’) .trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Script Working…’); }, 13);

Click here to copy the above code. 

Now, after you paste the above code and hit enter, the script starts running and clicks on the buy button every 13ms. As soon as the Nokia 6 is in stock, the device will be added into your cart automatically. All you have to do now is to check out and complete  the order. 

Remember, the extensions and script are all 3rd party tools and need to be used with caution. Do not give your login credentials to any site except the official sites.

Final Note:

To maximise the chance of getting your Nokia 6, try to do all the 3 tricks with different laptops or you can go to incognito mode on your chrome browser and login to different accounts (if you have) and try.

Please do comment below if you got your device by this method or if you find any problems. 

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