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How to Create Your Own Font in Your Hand Writing?

Create Your own font

I am sure you must have thought about creating your own font in your own hand writing at least once right? Now you can do it easily. How to create your own font, that to in your own hand writing? Let us find out in this post. If you find this tip useful, please like our Facebook Page.

Now, let’s get into the topic. First things first. To create your own font, you will need a printer (Black & White is enough) and a scanner. If you don’t have scanner, you can download apps like CamScanner to scan. 

Step 1:

Visit and download the font template which is available in both png and pdf format. Print the file using any printer in A4 size in grayscale on a good quality paper. The template looks like below picture.

Step 2:

After you take the print of the template, use a medium thick black pen or use a sharp black marker and write all the 26 alphabets in both uppercase and lowercase and also write the numbers 0-9 in your own handwriting neatly. Remember, the letters you write once, cannot be changed. If any mistakes happen, you have to take a new print out and fill it again. Also keep in  mind that you are creating a font for future use, so write neatly 😉

hand writing font template

Step 3:

Once you fill up the template, it’s now time to scan it. If you have a scanner ready, just scan it with 300-600 dpi setting and save it as png or jpg or pdf formats with less than 6500×6500 pixel dimensions and the maximum size supported in 6MB only. 

If you don’t have the scanner at your place, you can download one of the scanner apps on Google Play or App Store and scan the template you filled in step 2. 

The scanned copy of the template looks like below:

Step 4:

Once you get the scanned copy of your font template, it’s now time to upload the file into font creator and get your own font style. Go back to from where you downloaded the template and in the upload section of the page, upload the scanned copy of the font template and give the font name you would like to use. Select the output format you want to use, the most common font type is ttf. 

After entering all the relevant information, click Start. It takes about 4-5 seconds to process the font style you uploaded. Then the page gives you the sample font you just uploaded and a download link to download your own font. 

After you download the font, open the file and install it on your PC/Mac. You can now use your own font in applications like MS Word, photoshop, Final Cut X etc etc. Your newly installed font will be there in your font list, you just need to search and select the font. 

What do you think about this cool technique? Awesome isn’t it? Try it on your own and let us know how it went for you guys in comments section.

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