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5 Best and Must Have Android Widgets for Bloggers/Developers

If you are a Blogger or an app developer, it’s more likely that you want to keep a check on how much money you earned, how many visitors you got, what is the sales number, etc. It’s hard to do everything on your phone and most of the time you rely on your laptop or PC to keep a track of your day to day activities.

In this blog, I am going to show you some of the must have android widgets for a blogger or an app developer or anyone who earns online for that matter. If you are an iPhone user, just keep reading or bookmark it, you may need it in future when you switch to a Galaxy or a Pixel 😉

  1. Adsense

    The first thing every blogger / app developer sees in the morning and the last thing he checks before going to bed are his daily earnings. It’s obvious that the first choice for app developers or bloggers for showing ads is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is arguably the number 1 ad network out there in the open internet world. To keep a track of regular update on your adsense earnings, install Adsense app from Play Store and set up a widget on your 2nd page of home screen or on shelf if you are using an OnePlus device as shown in the screenshot below. 
    adsense widget
    The widget updates automatically every 5 minutes (you can change it to whatever interval you want) and shows you the estimated daily earnings, previous day earnings, this month’s earnings, previous month earnings and life time earnings with a comparison to the previous time frame. 
    The only drawback of this widget is rarely the widget freezes and you have to open the widget manually to update the changes. But, this happens 1 in 1000th of times and I think that’s normal. 

       Download App

  2. Analytics

    One more thing that every blogger wants to keep track is his blogs visitors, page views etc. While there is no official Google Analytics widget, an unofficial widget named ‘Simple Analytics Widget’ which shows you the analytics values you set so that you don’t need to keep opening the Google Analytics every now and then to know the hourly visitors rate. The widget is limited to only one metric per widget nevertheless it’s a handy widget. The screenshot of the widget is attached below.
    google analytics widget   Download App

  3. WordPress Today’s Stats

    The blogging world is 99% covered by Blogger and WordPress. Probably there are more WordPress users than blogger users. This widget helps in keeping a track of your WordPress Blog’s statistics like number of posts, views, visitors, comments, likes, best viewed post etc. 
    wordpress app
    To get this widget you have to install Jetpack on your blog and advantage of getting this widget is you can also create, edit, delete posts directly from the WordPress app itself. Handy tool, isn’t it?
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  4. Opencart Mobile Assistant

    If you are running an e-commerce store based on opencart, Opencart Mobile Assistant is an awesome app to keep an eye on your daily/monthly sales. This app lets you change order status, see daily/monthly/custom reports and do much more. You also get real time notifications when you get a new order or any order status is changed. We actually used this for our own food delivery store and it made our work a lot easier. You can see the order details, address, products ordered etc through this app.
    opencart app
    In the widget, you can see daily sales, daily earnings, daily users etc on your home screen and  keep a track of it. 
      Download App

  5. ColorNote Notepad

    An idea for a blog or an app usually flashes when you are in an awkward position, it’s always a handy feature to write it down as and when you get that revolutionary idea. There is 99% chance that you carry a smartphone everywhere you go. ColorNote Notepad lets you quickly write a note on anything you wish so that you may not forget it later. 
    color note
    You can also keep a note on daily To-Do’s list on your home screen so that you don’t waste time on Facebook or Instagram without doing the productive work. A colour note on your screen constantly reminds you of the work you need to carry on before stalking your old school crush. *wink* 
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So, in this blog post you came to know about 5 of the must have widgets for bloggers/app developers to keep track of what you do and make your life a little easier. If you like this post, perhaps you will like my other posts too. Please follow RandomBlogGuru on Facebook so you get regular updates. Do tell us in comments if any of the apps help you or if you have any other awesome apps to include in this list, I’ll update with a link back to you. 

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